Ceramic consumption younger is inevitable trend of the market


In recent years, as represented by after 80, 80 after the rise of consumer groups, the wholeThe change of consumption structure is undergoing the thoroughness of the market, consumers younger become the trend of the consumer market. As a merchant's necessary for us to do is to seize the main force of the consumer market, in product innovation to join the elements of modern young people happy, is the so-called know times for junjie, not just design for younger, marketing more younger.

Ceramic tile market consumer groups in the change

"Each New Year flower similar, but each person is different every year." Times are changing, and changes in the ideas, and people, also is changing. Upgrading in the market, consumers are also in the update, now 80, 90 is gradually replace after 60, 90 become the main force of consumer times, after 80, 90, is a generation growing up with Internet, they are now in the family's shopping as an important policy makers, grasp them is equal to the market.

People in improving quality of life, no longer satisfied with machine-made is almost the same, every household decorate a style, a penchant for personalized, high quality household decorates demand. , especially the young gens of personalized solutions more, more pursuit of personalized, color rich, high quality products, and more emphasis on ceramic tile product demand value matching with them, in a small space become a mainstream social housing housing today, the ceramic tile of how to in limited space to achieve greater personal value, is the focal point that they seek and key.

Ceramic consumption younger is inevitable trend of the market

Ceramics market consumption younger in the new normal and slow growth of economic environment, the process is the inevitable trend, businesses have to do is to know young consumers' purchasing power and degree to which aspect, suit the remedy to the case, relaxation, let the consumer not only focus on the rationality of product function, more perceptual wisdom and brought by the pursuit of brand values.

Not only that, the modern young people has higher requirement for the product quality, young consumers while looking for their own design style, the pursuit of product quality, leading ceramic tile market demand rising some high quality products. This requires enterprises to guarantee the design products to keep up with the trends at the same time, also cannot ignore the product quality obtains the recognition of consumers.

Take market, not only test the businessman acuity of market trends, but also the heart of test stores for consumers.

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