The root cause of China's ceramic tile export prices is not ideal


It is understood that many in the industry in a leading position of China ceramic tile manufacturers, their products after the export selling price is not ideal. A lot of the personage inside course of study to the problem of the price of the export of Chinese ceramic tile are discussed in this paper, while different answer, but thought-provoking reflected problems.

First, the domestic selling category does not necessarily sell well abroad

Some categories, such as polishing brick and color tile, can all over the world has a very good price advantage. As for the other category, quite a number of foreign buyers that our quality is generally not so good, why not just rigid index of the brick itself, there are still some details not reached the international level of the real, including delivery time, packaging, quality assurance, etc. Some of the domestic sale category, such as micro crystal, crystal throwing bricks, market is not very popular in foreign countries.

Second, most manufacturers have no real sense of the international Marketing Department

Their exports are not aimed at foreign consumer preferences to do independent research, is still based on other people's baton, and the baton is abroad merchants of individual interests, does not exclude the biased, because "to the back of his head." Even hang up the brand of international marketing, many companies are just in accordance with the "market + domestic material printing department document translation" is a message mode to operate. Relevant foreign target market, not deep, also have no internal own digging "first-hand information", even "secondary" data all have no, feedback of chain rupture, the key market information can only rely on incoherent, provide system sporadic feedback or others after "crunch" of information, decision-making risk.

In contrast, individual manufacturer did well, can do independent research trend, the development of new varieties, and heavy continuous do, finally opened up a new situation in the international market, sales, brand, profits are synchronous.

Third, blindly follow the trend Shortened product life cycle

We tend to be staring at the domestic expert (at the same time is also the "rival") are doing, you will follow to do, in the category, specification, key technology, design and color is highly similar aspects such as, and fast response speed. So quickly do a could have many years of category for short life cycle, the early stage of the investment is not back, and to change process, equipment, also how to improve earnings to talk about?

Fourth, the malignant price competition

We have individual competitive products, because of the third point, and the terminal to the market and the interests of various levels distribution information in the heart has no bottom, capacity utilization and performance of pressure, into a lack of confidence to oneself, some products don't have to sell so cheap, is also in accordance with the bargain sale. As a result, a low price, the other is to follow suit. In the end, everyone to do the price is dead. Go down again, is to reduce the quality requirements, the stain of MADE in CHINA quality is bad to chisel.

Fifth, squeezed between inside and outside factors

Spanish ceramic tile enterprises due to technical progress can relatively reduce the investment of time and cost, the product price may cut continuously, the price advantage is more obvious. Combined with external factors power by the euro, Spanish ceramic tile is increasingly attractive to foreign clients, a lot of foreign customers feel than buy a Spanish ceramic tile. Then, around China ceramic tile producer, like Malaysia, Turkey, India, even their ceramic tile products is also in constant progress, in different levels can "eat" the ceramic tile market share in China. Most, however, the country's export manufacturers in their own way looks, even with low poison the players, for buyers in emerging countries provides crazy interacting, an excuse.

In fact, as long as any more than a link to improve, will be able to bring the local increase of overall benefit to the enterprise itself. Equipment, hardware, moreover, can be bought, and market research, operations management, routine, brand construction, such as the "software" can't be a buy it, you also need to carefully polished. "Hardware to hard, the software can't soft", this is the elaboration bosses know the truth, in the domestic market is also proud of, so as to benefit.

Foreign market development also is same. Interested in the depth of the development in the international market of ceramic tile manufacturers, if can choose a few key markets as the breakthrough point, or into their own, or with the local of partners, one by one to solve the above problem, will be able to do against the wind float in the sky.

(source: China merchants outfit)


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