To promote fast burning technology at low temperature


According to the personage inside course of study, using modern architectural sanitary ceramics industry kiln, with many advanced and effective technical characteristics, the main measures in the following four aspects.

1. Clean energy increased burning hot effect

At present, the construction of health ceramic products, clean heat energy efficiency has become the mainstream of ceramic firing fuels. Throughout the history of ceramic firing at home and abroad, is suitable for ceramic firing energy a lot of more phyletic, used to have a solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas fuel, etc. They have wood, coal, heavy oil, light oil, electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and so on. With the historical progress, firing technology constantly improve, some higher energy status, others are eliminated. For example, to tradition

Open flame burning naked method is nearly 10 years building sanitary ceramics firing the most remarkable achievement. The main features of which is the clean energy. Open flame naked firing method method as the most advanced in the uniformity of furnace temperature, kiln capacity, production strength, and unit energy consumption were showed the best effect, be the first choice of the modern building sanitary ceramics firing kiln type, therefore can be popularized in a very short time. Open flame burning naked way high furnace temperature uniformity, this is because the product of the burning mode chock small resistance, the furnace pressure drops, the tropical low negative, therefore less leak into the air. Thus achieved good energy saving effect. Product quality is greatly improved. Using bare open flame burn into way, kiln top volume production strength, because the product does not need to load of sagger, avoid wasteful the indirect heat transfer heat consumption. Again since the product is directly exposed Yu Yan gas, very conducive to rapid burning heat transfer. Because the furnace temperature uniformity, heat quickly, kiln furniture and product weight than small, open flame burning naked firing time is much lower than open flame cartridge burning method. Open flame burning naked because do not use of sagger, increasing the loading density of the product.

2. Adopt the automatic control of high speed nozzles

The use of clean energy, is conducive to innovation and promotion of isothermal efficient homogeneous combustion nozzle, which is a good energy consumption is greatly reduced. New fully automated control high-speed nozzle due to strong spray combustion system, can reduce furnace temperature, rapidly improve the kiln temperature, achieve rapid isothermal firing efficiency. Therefore, ceramics kiln gas stove energy saving in the future will depend on the continuous improvement of new fully automated control of high-speed nozzle. Traditional kiln such as muffle kiln due to the heating mode is only column of radiation heat transfer between solid products, and could not form severe thermal agitation and the thermal cycle, thus reducing the burning hot effect. In addition, the kiln kiln temperature uniformity is also very poor, furnace temperature uniformity low led directly to the product have different sintering temperature and rejection rate increase. After adopted the full automation control high-speed nozzle, due to the effect of injection of the burner, the airflow inside the kiln strongly circulation, intense heat disturbance, very favorable for uniform and balance of furnace temperature. Now many new kiln in the preheating zone set up high temperature nozzle, more conducive to direct reduction furnace preheating zone the temperature difference between the up and down of the kiln start early poor firing at low temperature. Greatly promote the energy saving effect of firing.

3. The use of lightweight heat insulation heat preservation material

Lightweight insulation kiln advanced performance in design according to the modulus into light prefabricated exterior, then with high temperature resistance of lightweight insulation Masonry very carefully. Kiln lining adopted high temperature resistant ceramic felt, and ceramic wool or other heat insulation board, a total thickness of 450 mm. Lining for high quality light aluminum bricks, medial and lateral are also used the ceramic wool, the total thickness of 600 mm. For the kiln wall appearance ,The high temperature resistant practicability of the design and production to ensure the kiln and energy saving. Due to the ceramic fiber thermal stability, deformation, melting in the high temperature firing, and because of its low thermal conductivity, less heat, density is small, light weight, so has the obvious energy saving effect.

Lightweight insulation kiln kiln top with Z type fiber preform by hanging, kiln the weight reduction, increasing the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation. In setting up the nozzle and nasty cold parts of the furnace top with metal (more than 65% of the kiln top area), is used to preheat combustion air and cold air. Kiln wall, the use of the casting ramming forming u-shaped refractory brick (high aluminum, clay), filled with refractory fiber cotton block, the use of refractory fiber felt or outside ,U block connected with an external steel frame, the structure is stable, good thermal stability and high energy saving effect. According to the calculation, when the kiln inner surface temperature of 1250 ℃, the outer wall of kiln temperature is only about 50 ℃, the sealing of the kiln body is wonderful. Kiln car also all adopt the refractory refractory fiber material, it also reduces the useless heat consumption.

Australian company (hereinafter referred to as Macao pass company) fiber Energy-saving kiln, kiln body width, large load capacity, firing cycle short, etc. The kiln the effective width of 2.65 meters, due to firing of high efficiency and big into quantities and capacity can make when burning kiln's overall energy consumption greatly reduced. At present, this kind of furnace in our country through introducing and absorbing, has become one of main type kiln in many parts of the country.

4. Low temperature fast burning technical measures have been introduced in common

At present, more and more building sanitary ceramics product adopts the technology of low-temperature fast burning. In recent 10 years. Ceramic glazed pottery of the sintering temperature now, down from 1180 ℃ to 1200 ℃ 1050 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃. Sanitary porcelain sintering temperature has been reduced from 1300 ℃ to 1150 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃. According to the principle of the ceramic heat engineering calculation, the more high temperature firing, the more energy consumption. Burn into accordingly, from 1200 ℃ to 1300 ℃, the cost of energy is about products burn Adrian rodriguez huber -) fernando, energy consumption is about 40% less. In this regard, energy-saving effect is very obvious. Low temperature fast burning method in addition to energy saving, can also shorten the production cycle, save manpower material resources.

For low temperature fast burning technology, besides has the special technical requirement on kiln, must also be developed with the development of better suitable for low temperature fast burning ceramic material. At present, this kind of raw material have wollastonite, perlite materials, diopside, pyrophyllite raw materials such as raw material. Abroad in order to reduce the sintering temperature and reduce the cost of the products, the extensive use of the iron content is more red, violet arenaceous raw materials such as raw materials, there are also using industrial waste to produce a ceramic tile body. Such raw material to produce the product after high quality glaze color cover, there is still a high price. In terms of use inferior raw material to produce high quality ceramic tile, to tell you the truth, many of our country Do not go far enough.

Scientific and technological progress in the development of the building sanitary ceramics industry, product firing energy conservation more and more important. It's need to continue to enhance the level of the new furnace design and actively research and development of new high efficiency energy-saving refractory, constantly promote low temperature fast burning technology, etc, make ceramic enterprise energy saving technology has hit a new level.


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